Chester County, PA
Park or Trail NameContact InformationLength
Mountain Bikes
Saint Peter's VillageContact: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
Offroad: 10YES
There is enough hard stuff to give me a couple injuries per trip, yet there are alot of things like creek crossings and mud puttles which keep me entertained. a couple fast, rocky, steep, single track decents (ascents are slower) to give me an adreniline rush.. (Last Updated: 2001-10-29)
Valley Forge to Philadelphia BikewayContact: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
Paved: 26
This paved trail starts in the Betzwood picnic area of Valley Forge National Park, and continues for about 26 miles through Norristown, and eventually ending in Philadelphia. (Last Updated: 1997-11-06)
Nottingham County ParkContact: Unknown
Phone: 610-932-9195
Located in southwestern Chester County, near Rt. 1, just before the Maryland border. Nottingham County Park has some wonderfull trails to bike on. As long as you stay on the marked trails and that are not designated otherwise, you can bike. Features some challenging hills and the scenery is great. The Pine Barrens there are one of the few sites on the east coast. (Last Updated: 1997-11-06)
Marsh Creek State ParkContact: Unknown
Phone: 610-458-8515
Offroad: 6YES
6 miles of equestrian/hiking trails open to mountain bikes. Reccomended for all levels of mountain bikers (beginner through advanced).

** Help save the trails at Marsh Creek and keep them open to mountain bikes, please take the time to sign-up at the Downingtown Bike Shop before it's too late. ** (Last Updated: 1998-08-01)

Valley Forge National ParkContact: Duane Buck
Phone: 610-783-1050
Paved: 6
Offroad: 22
Paved bike trail, some off-road trails. Most off-road trails are NOT open to mountain bikes, but there are some you can ride on. The Horseshoe Trail begins in Valley Forge National Park. Trail condition report for April 2000: Trails are in good condition, only a few muddy spots were found. Please remember to stay in the center of the trails to reduce widening, a major cause of trail erosion. Reminder - If you see NO BIKE signs, please obey them. A map showing trails acceptable for riding can be found at (Last Updated: 2001-04-12)
Chester Valley TrailContact: Chester County Department of Facilities and Parks
Phone: 610-469-1916
Offroad: 15YES
Now open! Beautifull, paved rail trail that goes from Exton to King of Prussia. Will eventually connect to the Schuylkill River Trail in the east, and should eventually connect to Downingtown and further to the west. (Last Updated: 2018-01-26)
Horseshoe TrailContact: Horse-Shoe Trail Conservancy
Phone: Unknown
Offroad: 130YES
This trail stretches 130 miles between Valley Forget National Park and the Appalachain Trail. The trail begins in Chester County, on the west end of Valley Forget National Park. The first few miles of the trail, to the area of Chester Springs, is great for mountain bikes! After that, it goes to the road for a while, but it finds its way to French Creek State Park as it exits Chester County. Be warned: The Horseshoe Trail is very hilly. Take plenty of water & snacks with you. Also, be mindful that mountain bikes may not be permitted on all sections of the trail. (Last Updated: 2018-01-26)
Hibernia County ParkContact: Unknown
Phone: 610-384-0290
Located just west of Marsh Creek State Park. Hibernia County Park has some hiking trails that are ok to bike on. (Last Updated: 1997-11-06)
Warwick County ParkContact: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
466 acres in size, located on Rt 23 in Knauertown, about 7 miles east of French Creek State Park. Part of the Horseshoe Trail runs through the park and along the French Creek. Mountain bikes are permitted as long as they stay on the road or trail. (Last Updated: 1997-11-06)
White Clay Creek PreserveContact: Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Phone: (610)255-5415
Offroad: 8YES
It is reached via Rt. 896, 11 miles south of the Forrestville exit of Rt. 1. The White Clay Creek Valley, which forms the core of the Preserve, varies from steep to gradual falling terrain with some flat bottom lands.

White Clay Creek Preserve comprised of 1,253 acres, is situated in southern Chester County, 3 miles north of Newark, Delaware.

Day use areas are open daily from 8am until sunset. (Last Updated: 1997-11-06)

Struble TrailContact: Unknown
Phone: 610-458-8515
Paved: 3
This mostly paved trail begins in Downingtown, PA at Kardon Park. It parallels the Brandywine Creek for most of the distance. If you want to extend the distance, hop onto Rt 282 at the end of the trail, and go north for about 1/2 to 1 mile. Turn right onto road, pick up trail on left almost immediately after turn. Or, at the end of the trail, turn right up the hill, and make a left after about 1/4 mile and you will enter Marsh Creek State Park. Trail report for April 2000: This trail has recently been paved, and is in very good condition. (Last Updated: 2000-04-09)