Philadelphia County, PA
Park or Trail NameContact InformationLength
Mountain Bikes
John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at TinicumContact: Unknown
Phone: Unknown

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum is located in Tinicum Township. These trails are mostly no response. Miles of intersecting trails with various terrain through the Tinicum marshlands. Maps of the park and additional information are available at the visitors center. A great daily ride. Go to ( for an arial view of the park.. Directions to John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum:John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge is located just south of Philadelphia International Airport. Take I-95 to the Prospect Park exit in Delaware County. The west entrance is located at the end of the off ramp. The main gate is located at 86th street and Lindbergh blvd. in Philadelphia.

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Fairmount ParkContact: Friends of the Wissahickon
Phone: 215-685-0060
Offroad: 5YES
A treat for bikers in Philadelphia is to ride out on the east side of the Schuylkill River, cross Falls Bridge and return on the west side of the river. The 8.2-mile loop takes about an hour of casually paced biking. Another great ride is Forbidden Drive along the Wissahickon, a 5.5-mile bridle path along the stream.

The Fairmount park area that parallels the Wissahickon is much more than just the bridle path. There are very technical (read rocky) trails that parallel the bridle path on either side of the creek. Since the creek is in a bit of a gorge you end up with trails that parallel the side of a hill. You have the lower trails, intermediate trails and higher trails.

This area is a real treat for the experience biker. Lots of fun stuff.

Click here for park maps.

NOTE: A permit is required when riding in Fairmount Park. You can obtain information about the free permit from Friends of the Wissahickon or (Last Updated: 2001-02-05)

Pennypack ParkContact: Ted Northrop
Phone: Unknown
This park provides a nice hard top bike path with rolling hills for roadies and MTB'ers (looking for a break from the off-road). Off-road opportunity is abundant lots of horse trails and foot baths are open to MTB'ers. The off-road trails range from flat packed dirt to loose gravel up-hill climbs, rocky paths up and down small rolling hills. Technical rides can be found but are broken up with easy rides in between. Lotsa log and stump hopin' on many horse trails. According to park officials the only paths closed to MTB'ers are those near the Pine road nature center (this is b/w Veree and Pine road); be careful when riding in this area as some of the trails are designated as hiking only but the signs are tiny so you have to really look for them (on the North side of the creek b/w Veree and Pine Road). (Last Updated: 1997-11-06)
Morris ParkContact: Dan Wilson
Phone: Unknown
It used to be a quarry in the 1900's. Trails range from easy to fairly steep and rugged. Numerous singletrack criss-cross the area. Bikers will encounter little or no trail use competition. (Last Updated: 1997-11-06)