York County, PA
Park or Trail NameContact InformationLength
Mountain Bikes
Ski RoundtopContact: Unknown
Phone: (717) 432-9631
Ski Roundtop is located in Lewisberry. These trails are mostly Technical single track. This is a nice ski resort that during the off ski season allows mountain bike riding. I have been told that this place has some nice single track, and of course some incredible downhills (come on... it's a ski resort). It is also host to a few races each year. Best of all... There is no entrance fee like those skiers have to pay. (Last Updated: 2000-11-20)
Apollo County ParkContact: York County Parks
Phone: 717-840-7440
This is a new park and no parking areas area available. Located east of New Bridgeville and along the Susquehanna River in southeastern York County, Apollo County Park was originally two parcels of mostly forested and very wild river hill country. The park is a fine example of beautiful Susquehanna River hills habitat: rhododendron laurel-covered valleys that cut into sharp, heavily-forested slopes falling down to the river. The intention is to keep this land largely unaltered. The 175-mile Mason-Dixon Trail runs through the park. (Last Updated: 2000-11-12)
Gifford Pinchot State ParkContact: Gifford Pinchot State Park
Phone: (717) 432-5011
Paved: 3
Offroad: 3
The trails between the campground and the Conewago Day Use Area are for joint use by hikers and cross-country skiers and are being upgraded for bicycles. It is expected that this trail network will be completed for bicycles in the summer of 1998. The trail network consists of a three-mile outer loop with a number of internal connectors. The trail surface is packed gravel and the terrain is mostly flat with a few gentle hills. The trail is suitable for family use and most bicycles. Please be considerate of other trail users; ride to the right and signal when passing. The trail winds through woodlands and along the lakeshore and is designed for a slow, leisurely ride. Fast and reckless riding is prohibited. Trail access for the general public is from the Conewago Day Use Area. Campers can access the trails directly from the campground. (Last Updated: 2000-07-03)
Codorus State ParkContact: Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources
Phone: 717-637-2816
Offroad: 12YES
Bicycles are only permitted on park roads and on the snowmobile trail when weather conditions permit. During hunting seasons bikers should wear fluroescent orange. (Last Updated: 2000-07-03)
Richard M. Nixon County ParkContact: York County Parks
Phone: (717)840-7440
Bicycles are permitted on park roads only. They are not permitted on any of the trails in this park. (Last Updated: 2000-07-03)
William H. Kain County ParkContact: York County Parks
Phone: 717-840-7440
Offroad: 12YES
Kain Park, better known to York riders as lake Redman and Lake Williams, offers 12 miles of unpaved trails on 1,675 acres of woodlands surrounding the two lakes. Trails run the gamut from wide, grassy fire roads to twisty singletrack loaded with tree roots and rocks. The combination of occasionally challenging trail conditions and very long, steep climbs puts this park in the intermediate category. First-time riders and folks looking for a place to do a relaxing, easy spin should go elsewhere. Tall pines along the lakes evoke the North Woods of Maine; Trail may be closed to bikes after wet weather. Scenery: Woods, rolling countryside, and big lakes. Trails are closed to mountain bikers and horseback riders during "muddy conditions," as determined by park rangers. For current conditions, call the Parks office at (717) 840-7440 for trail updates (available 24 hours a day), or refer to trail open/closed signs located along park entrance areas. Remember hikers yield to horsebake riders and bikers yield to both hikers and horseback riders. (Last Updated: 2000-11-12)
Spring Valley County ParkContact: York County Parks
Phone: 717-840-7440
Offroad: 6YES
Spring Valley County Park is 868 acres of woods, fields, and a stream tucked in the rolling farmland of south-central Pennsylvania. Located in a small valley along the east branch of Codorus Creek, the park features a catch-and-release fishing pond, a trout stream, picnic tables and pavilions, and a small system of hiking trails that mountain bikers are invited to explore. It sounds like a perfect venue for beginning off-road cyclists, and it is -- for novices who don't mind sections of rocky trail and short, steep climbs. Most intermediate and advanced riders will enjoy the combination of tight singletrack and challenging riding. Though the five-mile trail system isn't long, riders can reconfigure loops by riding the trails in the opposite direction. Ride fast and hard, and you'll definitely get a good workout. (Last Updated: 2000-11-12)
Rocky Ridge County ParkContact: York County Parks
Phone: 717-840-7440
Offroad: 12YES
York County mountain bikers are fortunate to have 750-acre Rocky Ridge County Park, a wooded hilltop with about 12 miles of mostly singletrack. Most of the nine trails in the park intersect, making it easy for intrepid off-roaders to devise multiple loop rides that can easily keep them rolling through a full day's riding. Long stretches of rock-infested singletrack will give your bike's suspension a real workout. The small forested park's trails are extremely well marked. Highlights: multiple stream crossings, two incredible vistas, park amenities including restrooms, water, picnic pavilions, horseshoe pits, sand volleyball courts, and a fitness trail, camping nearby at Otter Creek and Pequea Campgrounds. Tread: the ride covers an array of trails, including rutted, rocky old woods roads, singletrack, doubletrack, and cinder-paved path. Trails are closed to horseback riders and mountain bikers during "muddy conditions," as determined by park rangers. For current conditions, call the Parks office at (717) 840-7440 for tail updates (available 24 hours a day), or refer to trail open/closed signs located along park entrance areas. No bikes, horses or pets are permitted in picnic areas. (Last Updated: 2000-11-12)
Heritage Rail Trail County ParkContact: York County Parks
Phone: 717-840-7440
Offroad: 22YES
Extends the 20-mile-long NCRR, which runs from the Maryland State Line to York City, PA. Rail with trail - infrequent excursion train, travels about 10 mph. Crushed stone surface. New Freedom is the highest point of elevation along the trail, but in general, the trail is level. Parking at Drovers Bank on evenings and weekends (Richland Ave and Indian Rock Rd). Parking also in York at Lafayette Plaza on evenings and weekends and at garages and meters during the day. Porto-toilets at Hanover Junction and New freedom Railroad. For info on the new trail, call York County Dept of Parks and Recreation, 717-840-7440, 8:30-4:30, Mon-Fri. (Last Updated: 2000-07-03)