Northampton County, PA
Park or Trail NameContact InformationLength
Mountain Bikes
South Mountain BethlehemContact: Unknown
Phone: Unknown

South Mountain Bethlehem is located in Bethlehem. These trails are mostly Technical single track. These trails are the most technical trails to be found on the east coast. They feature many one-way super technical downhills, a plethora of northshore elevated bridges including Serpent Bridge (200 feet long), Ivy Bridge (300 feet long, 6 feet high), the Pappa Bridge (10 feet high), a sweet teeter totter and more!!!!! Bridges all over the place. A northshore paradise. Big drops, ladder drops, ladder bridges, ramps . . . (Last Updated: 2000-11-20)

Jacobsburg State ParkContact: Unknown
Phone: 1-800-63-PARKS
Offroad: 10YES
Plenty of mountain bike trails to be found here. Some nice nature trails. Located just a few minutes northeast of Allentown/Easton. (Last Updated: 1997-11-06)