Lehigh County, PA
Park or Trail NameContact InformationLength
Mountain Bikes
The Pinnacle TrailContact: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
Offroad: 12YES
Located in/near Hamburg, PA. Steep fireroades leading to "The Pinnale" across from "Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary" (http://www.hawkmountain.org/). Very long and fast downhill. Eco-systems vary along the way. "The Pinnacle" rests on a bird migration route. (Last Updated: 1999-01-04)
Doe MountainContact: Doe Mountain
Phone: 610-682-7100
Offroad: 15YES
(Last Updated: 2001-10-29)
Hamburg ReservoirContact: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
Offroad: 30YES
The Pinnacle overlook provides a breath taking view of the local countryside. Its a must for first time visitors. The single track left and right of the Reservoir has great trial sections. The single track down from the Fire tower to Rattling run. Big up to get back out! The single track off the Appalachian Trail from the top of Blue Mountain to the top of the trail left of the Reservoir near the Rattling Run effluence. The down from the Fire Tower to Hawk Mountain trail to the Eckville game lands parking area. (Last Updated: 2001-10-29)
Palmer Township and Bethelem Township Bike PathContact: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
Offroad: 12YES
Starting at Sand Island, under the Bethlehem Public Library, this trail leads directly into the heart of Easton where the Lehigh abd the Delaware Rivers meet, for a fantastic view at the Canal Park. The trail is flat and non-technical but a nice ride along the river for an easy day. (Last Updated: 1997-11-09)
Canal TrailContact: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
Offroad: 50YES
It is part of a system of trails that go from Allentown, PA to New Hope,NJ. The ride from one end to the other is 50 miles. It has a wide variety of trails that range from easy to very difficult. It connects to the Palmer Township and Bethelem Township Bike Path in 2 places. (Last Updated: 2001-10-29)