The Ultimate Guide for Betting on Mountain Biking

When you think about placing a bet, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably Matchbook bonus code, not mountain-biking. Having said that, if you’ve had experience with and enjoy betting on races, mountain biking might just be the thing for you. It might seem unusual, but it’s as competitive a sport as any, jam-packed with adrenalin, full of excitement and unpredictability, all of which are ingredients that will guarantee an exceptional betting experience.

What’s so Special About Mountain Biking?

Mountain biking is a cycling sport defined by its off-road terrain. It has many different categories ranging from more standard events like cross-cycling to downhill mountain biking, which is the more extreme version of the sport. But across all competitions, mountain biking is an opportunity to watch elite athletes put their endurance, stamina and mental capacities to the test in the context of magnificent countrysides, awe-inspiring landscapes, and unforgiving conditions.

How to Bet on Mountain Biking Events?

Betting on mountain biking is quite simple, and not much different from betting on cycling or any other racing event for that matter. You can make outright bets where you try and guess the winner of the overall competition, and there are numerous categories to choose from for each event. Once you spend a little time getting yourself acquainted with the sport, and learn more about the competitions and the riders, you can spice things by trying to guess the winners of different stages or betting on which place a rider will finish in. Sometimes the real fun starts when you explore the world of proposal bets. If approached with a little dose of creativity, your possibilities will increase exponentially.   

The Biggest Competitions to Watch and Bet on?

UCI World Cup Series is a multi-round competition which was first held back in 1989 as a cross-country event, adding other categories and events in years to come. The races and events are held throughout the year, all over the world in places like Canada, South Africa, Germany, Austria, and Scotland to name a few.

Enduro World Series is an international mountain bike championship traditionally held across the world, spread out from late March to the end of September. With demanding uphill and downhill segments, it’s one of the most physically challenging off-road competitions out there.

UCI MTB World Championships is a mountain bike competition where nations compete in three separate disciplines, including cross country, downhill, and four-cross. The winner of each discipline is awarded a rainbow-colored jersey which they then wear for an entire season when competing in events from the same category.

Lastly, every four years the best cross-country mountain bikers gather to compete at the Summer Olympics. Next competition will be held in Tokyo 2020.

Top Riders Out There

The most dominant rider in men’s cross-country is without of doubt Nino Schurter, the reigning World Cup, World Championships and Olympic champion. Other honorable mentions include Maxime Marotte and Jaroslav Kulhavy. For women’s cross-country, Jenny Rissveds is the current Olympic champion from Rio 2016, with Jolanda Neff and Annika Langvad making noteworthy achievements in the past couple of years.

In men’s downhill events Aaron Gwin, Amaury Pierron, and Troy Brosnan are currently on top of their game, while for the women’s downhill, Rachel Atherton, Tahnee Seagrave, and Tracey Hannah are the ones to look out for.

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