Carbon County, PA
Park or Trail NameContact InformationLength
Mountain Bikes
State Game Lands #141Contact: Pennsylvania Game Commission
Phone: (717) 787-4250
Offroad: 8YES
Approximately 8 miles, beginning at a gate/parking area along SR 93 across from the entrance to the Pennsylvania Game Commission rifle range following the road over a portion of Hickory Run State Park property to a second gate/parking area along SR 93. Check the SGC web site for hunting season dates prior to riding! (Last Updated: 2005-01-02)
State Game Lands #141Contact: Pennsylvania Game Commission
Phone: (717) 787-4250
Offroad: 4YES
Approximately 4 miles, beginning at a gate/parking area along Township Route 506 returning over a looped trail. Check the PGC web site for hunting season dates prior to riding! (Last Updated: 2005-01-02)
Hell Kitchen GapContact: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
Offroad: 17YES
Hell Kitchen Gap is located in Jim Thorpe. These trails are mostly Technical single track. Hell Kitchen Gap is the ultimate in big rock and tight singletrak. There are 17 miles of trails we found, I'm sure there are many more. Its also a bit dangerous in spots with one trail along a 200' cliff. It is an absolute blast in a beautiful remote setting , one of the best!.

Directions to Hell Kitchen Gap:Park at Mauch Chunk Lake Park, head west on switchback trail. After passing through rocks at first switchback, you'll see a trail heading up mtn. Take it up. At top take a hard left, then left again. This starts the big rock fun. You will eventually loop east again. There are many cross trails, so I'd recommend a guide.

Submitted by (Last Updated: 2000-11-20)

Deer PathContact: Blue Mountain Sports
Phone: Unknown
Offroad: 6YES
The Deer Path trail located on Broad Montain near Jim Thorpe is a great trail, despite the inconvenience of getting lost. Even with following the trail guide, it was easy to get off track, but what the hell, the riding even on the wrong trail was awesome. Lots of true single track, with rocks, roots, climbs, twisty turny great riding. Give it a whirl, and if you do get lost, there's plenty of other people to ride and get lost with. (Last Updated: 1998-07-13)
The Hub at Jack Frost MountainContact: The Hub at Jack Frost Mountain
Phone: 800-468-2442
Offroad: 10YES
10 miles of new trails, 4 mile nature loop. Incredible Singletrack and Awesome Downhill! Rentals Available. Chairlift runs every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day! (Last Updated: 1998-07-13)
Hickory Run State ParkContact: Hickory Run State Park/DCNR
Phone: (717)443-0400
Offroad: 40YES
Hickory Run State Park is located in Kidder and Penn Forest townships. Carbon County, in the western foothills of the Pocono Mountains. The park is very large, measuring 15,500 acres.

An elaborate 40-mile trail system is a prime attraction of the park, but please note, ALL TRAILS IN HICKORY RUN STATE PARK ARE OFF-LIMITS TO MOUNTAIN BIKES. (Last Updated: 1999-02-04)

Broad Mountain LoopContact: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
Offroad: 12YES
An awesome relatively easy ride with beautiful scenic overlooks and two snall stream crossings. From Jim Thorpe take 209 South to SR 93. Travel for 3.5 miles and park in the second parking lot on the right. Ride through the gate and stay straight on this path for 2.4 miles.

  • Turn right onto power line road.
  • At 3.6 miles turn left at + intersection (first left)
  • At 3.8 bear left at Y
  • At 4.0 go straight past pipeline and at 4.1 turn right to visit first overlook. Return to trail.
  • At 5.8 turn left at +
  • At 6.8 turn left at powerline and follow to +
  • At 8.0 turn right at +
  • At 8.4 bear left at Y to 2nd overlook; return to trail
  • At 8.6 bear left at Y to continue on trail
  • At 9.6 cross Glen Onoko Stream, turn right at +
  • At 10.8 cross Jeans Run and continue up hill
  • At 11.4 continue straight at +
  • At 11.9 turn right onto 93 North, ride up road back to start
  • 12.9 Finish

    This is a really fun ride, nothing too technical. It can be completed in as little as an hour or so if you keep up a decent pace, or you can take your time ( recommended! ) to enjoy the beauty at the scenic overlooks! (Last Updated: 1997-11-22)

  • Switchback Rail TrailContact: Unknown
    Phone: Unknown
    Offroad: 11YES
    This ride is more difficult in that it is all downhill and to get back to the start you must reverse course and ride all uphill for the entire length. Along the course of this ride, you will pass by Mauch Chunk Lake County Park and the town of Jim Thorpe. (Last Updated: 1997-11-06)
    Lehigh Gorge Rail TrailContact: Unknown
    Phone: 717-427-8161
    Offroad: 25YES
    This almost level trail starts in White Haven and goes south towards Jim Thorpe. This ride will take you past many scenic waterfalls, while following the path of the Lehigh River for most of the way. Shuttles are available from Jim Thorpe. (Last Updated: 1997-11-06)