Delaware County, PA
Park or Trail NameContact InformationLength
Mountain Bikes
Trolley TrailheadContact: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
Paved: 12
Really complex and fun network of trails that run from Media, through parts of Springfield and onto the Swarthmore campus. The Trolley Trailhead is the best place to put have options to start in Smedley Park and Swarthmore as well, but the Trolley start puts you atop a nice little hill. There you'll find some fun jump lines put together by some local dirt jumpers and from there you can start you descent into the valley. Lots of tight singletrack, with banked turns, water crossings, short and steep climbs and plenty of technical riding that can be sought out. Just a few of us who are maintaining these trails, so please come by with a shovel and help out sometime! (Last Updated: 2011-08-25)
Chester Creek Branch Rail TrailContact: Unknown
Phone: 302-426-3471
Offroad: 9YES
Connects Lenni Mills and Upland, and will eventually connect to West Chester. (Last Updated: 1998-08-01)
Ridley Creek State ParkContact: Unknown
Phone: 610-566-4800
Paved: 17
Please note that bikes are only permitted on the paved bike trail. (Last Updated: 1998-08-01)