Become Greener – How to Lower our Impact on the Environment

All of us have an impact on the environment. Some of us might not live to see the said impact, while our children or even those who are infants at this time might actually see some of the side effects of our negligence. The environment is changing and that is a fact. Looking at the climate, many countries throughout the world will talk about never-before-experienced kinds of weather changes and extreme heat or cold.

If you want to impact your environment in a good, positive way, here are some easy steps you can take to help, starting now.

The Electronic Tips

This is a rather simple tip which you can follow at every single point in time. Only leave the necessary electronics on, like your refrigerator. The rest should be put to rest when not in use. This means turning off your laptop and especially desktop if you’re not using it. Even diodes which are just running waste electricity, which also means turning your WiFi off. The standby light on your TV is also a spender, albeit not a big one.

Your light bulbs do not need to run the entire day and you should consider replacing your regular tungsten light bulbs for something modern, less power hungry like LED bulbs. Some shy away from them as they tend to be bright and have a sterile, white light. These operate at 6000 or 6500K temperature and there are warmer, more natural colors which are around 3500 to 3000K.

Do not leave your water heaters on when you are not using them. There is no need to have constant hot water when you are not using it at all times throughout the day. Rechargeable batteries can also solve many issues, such as purchasing regular batteries which come in plastic packs.

Travel Tips

If you’re on the road, whether in your town or somewhere on a holiday, you should consider traveling with more people in the same vehicle. The more people you transport, the more efficient you are while using the same energy. Electric vehicles are also a thing, now a fast thing given Tesla’s introduction to the car industry scene. They are both environmentally friendly and silent, even though they are not really economical, at this point, given their starting price.

When on the road, choose to travel by bicycle or on foot, rather than using fossil fuel based vehicles, which is especially important for airplanes. Public transport is environmentally effective, especially electric powered subway trains.

As for your rubbish, you should sort it accordingly and pay special attention not to leave anything which can damage the local wildlife.

Recycling Tips

Recycling does not mean that you have to melt plastic and metal and glass to reuse it, but that you can buy a glass bottle rather than a plastic one, and use it as your water container for a year or even two, as opposed to a week’s lifespan of a plastic bottle.

One-off resources shouldn’t be used if you can avoid them, like napkins. Washable items are a better choice in that regard. Emails are much more friendly than paper mail.

Spare clothes and extra books should be donated rather than simply thrown away.

There are plenty of ways you can help save the environment, and every choice makes a difference, in the long run.

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