Casinos and Lotteries Become Altruistic – Donating Money to Charities and Environmental Causes

You might only know the casino industry by their interesting ads or promotions like the Resorts Online Casino bonus codes or similar, where they try to attract new players. Casinos aren’t really known for giving away money, yet they still do. Donating money to charity and other causes is a good way of showing that you care about your immediate environment and the generations to come but it is also a good way of being seen in a better light.

Casinos, in general, tend to take your money or woo you into spending more than you would have liked. Sometimes, however, the tides turn and they readily give away their money, for causes much more altruistic than it might seem at first glance. Sure, anyone can say that they have ulterior motives, but a million is still a million, especially for those charities that benefit from it and the people whose lives will be changed.

Here are some casinos which donated money not that long ago.

Sands Casino Resort Donation

The Sands Casino Resort in Pennsylvania is regarded as one of the prime casinos in the state, a beacon to which other casinos should look up to. The casino wants to remain competitive with the competition in New York and New Jersey. The benefits of this casino are that their workers are 94% full time employed with health benefits.

The casino’s planned expansion would also warrant another 3000 more workers. In 2012 they reported to have donated 528000 dollars to charities. Hispanic Center Valley ED Lorna Velasquez, as well as principal Sonia Vasquez of Donegan Elementary School, also testified of the casino’s donations and financial assistance, as well as volunteers.

There is a lot to be learned from such a casino as their environment greatly benefits from the casino’s own profits.

Las Vegas October Massacre Donations

There was a massacre in Las Vegas on October 1st 2017. it was during the Route 91 Harvest Music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. The shooter, named Stephen Paddock, killed 58 people and wounded over 851. He fired nearly 1100 rounds in the 10 minutes that he took to shoot. About an hour after the shooting, he was found that in his suite of the Mandalay Bay hotel, on the 32nd floor. He was a high stakes gambler, known to many hosts in Las Vegas and even though he had lost a lot of money, he paid all his debts prior to the shooting. This was the biggest and most deadly shooting done by a solitary shooter.

With so many victims and injured, many people responded to the call and donated money. Here is a list of everyone who helped in any way.

County Commissioner Steve Sisolak started a GoFundMe page donating 10,000 of his own money. MGM Resorts which owns Mandalay Bay donated 3 million dollars to Sisolak’s cause immediately after the shooting.

UFC President Dana White donated 1 million dollars. The UFC, Stations Casinos, and Zappo’s donated another million dollars to various relief funds.

The Vegas Golden Knights donated about 300,000 dollars while the NFL Foundation and the Oakland Raiders donated 50,000 each. Mike Tyson, the boxer, Kid Rock, Terry Fator, an entertainer and The Backstreet Boys all donated 10,000 dollars.

Stephen Cloobeck, Diamond Resorts founder, gave 50,000 dollars to the cause and Cosmopolitan’s CEO Bill McBeath another 250,000 dollars. Wayne Newton donated 100,000 dollars.

This was but a start, as many casinos opted to give free rooms and meals to the injured and victims of the families. These include SouthPoint, Station Casinos, Boyd Gaming and Siegel Suites.

These are but a few examples where casinos tend to care about the environment, by donating money and helping those in need.

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