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Dan Bilzerian – Instagram Star – Wins 1.2 Million Dollars on a Cycling Bet

Dan Bilzerian is a very popular Instagram persona. His world is full of women, a weapons collection and a lot more. His interesting lifestyle got him over 23.8 million followers on Instagram. What makes this 37 year old man popular?

His photos are what got him started. He posted a variety of photos showing a very rich and over the top lifestyle where every photo had him as the manliest of men, fitting right into the old stereotype of lots of women, weapons and an adventurous lifestyle. His audience grew pretty quickly. He is known to do very interesting and questionable things such as place silly bets and even race for money. But all of this money couldn’t have come out of nothing, right? What made this man popular, what got him started?

Origin Story – Where Dan got His Capital

The easy answer is, his father. The long answer is that his father, Paul Bilzerian, is a corporate takeover specialist, who raised a lot of money during the 80s. Being able to finance his son, Dan, is one of the things he had done over the ages.

Dan took that money and made it his own by specializing in poker. Poker helped him gain a lot more money. He is a professional poker player, but outside his poker career, he wasn’t nearly as famous as he is today. A simple video changed that. It was a video of him standing close to a poker table, a woman stroking his beard.

After that, his following became huge, as people tended to like his rather lavish photos and lifestyle. He is a rather muscular man who loves the adventurous lifestyle and placing bets, a lot of bets, such as his famous cycling bet. If you happen to wish to try betting yourself after reading this article, please make sure you do it safely, and not like the protagonist of this article – Hard Rock sportsbook promo code 2019 might help you with that a bit.

1.2$ Million Cycling Bet – From Los Angeles to Las Vegas

High on some drugs, Bilzerian received a call from Bill Perkins, a fellow poker player, asking whether he was interested in taking a 600000 dollar bet on a ride from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. It’s a 300 mile ride and for someone who had not sit on a bike for 17 years, a lot to swallow. He had tried pedaling on a indoor bike the day before and was quite sore. They agreed on a 5 and half week time for training before he would have to set out on his journey, one that he would have to complete in less than 48 hours.

He started working out, yet things weren’t looking so great, not until Lance Armstrong, the retired and dishonored 7 consecutive time Tour de France winner came forth to help. He trained with Dan and gave him a lot of tips on how to complete his ride. He also stood to lose his plane to Rick Salomon if he were to die during his ride to Las Vegas.

He managed to complete the ride in time, even though he was drafting (riding behind a vehicle) behind a van for some time of the ride. The van was later removed, during the ride, as it was deemed cheating. Bill Perkins was following close behind with an RV, and later stated that Dan deserved to win the bet.

While an arduous victory, it was still a victory after all, one in which he invested over 150000 dollars, some of it to Lance Armstrong’s charity, the rest for the trainers and equipment necessary to survive the trip.

Cycling bets are interesting, especially if you’re the one to make the bet. Whether this bet is for anybody, that’s a different story. 300 miles is a lot of time to spend on a saddle which keeps hurting you, but 1.2 million is even more.

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