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Recreation without Exercise – An Alternative to Hard Work and Sweat

Exercising is not something you can do at all times, and not something people are likely to do if they are extremely tired after a hard day’s work. This means that if you want to have fun, you should find alternatives. A problem arises if you want to find something to do out of the blue and are faced with exercise-only solutions.

Here are some things that you can do to entertain yourself in your spare time, without losing weight or gaining muscle.


If you want to spend some time and have fun, then poker is a great option. You do not have to spend real money to play it, however. If you don’t have a poker set with actual chips, then anything will do in their place. A couple of friends, some drinks and you have yourself a nice evening.

If, however, you like to gamble, then online poker is the thing for you, especially if you are tired and you still have work to do tomorrow. Sites like offer promotions so that everyone can start with some good offer. If you have a lot more spare time and consider yourself really good at poker, you can surely find local tournaments around you. Some are held in casinos, most likely, others, well, in different places, under the radar.


Chess is a game which you can play alone. If you are tenacious enough, you can learn many opening and then see whether you can beat yourself. The problem is, you can quickly run into a block, having no more ideas how to mix and match things up. Going online has a solution for you. You can play online chess from anywhere and any platform. There are many sites and apps offering chess for free.

Having a board and a friend over can be great, especially if you get a clock and speed things up. There is nothing like a fast-paced game of chess.


Cooking is a very nice thing to do, especially if you find a recipe you haven’t tried. It requires attention, sometimes a very detailed approach to minute things. There are some meals which require all of your attention while others require only your time, and the ingredients, of course.

Your family and loved ones will be most grateful if you welcome them with a nice meal or snack. There is nothing like seeing your loved ones enjoy themselves, especially if you took a major part in that pleasure.

Video Games

In this modern world, it is impossible to go anywhere or do anything and not hear about video games. They are a great pastime, especially if you have a couple of friends over, or just play with them online. There are many games you can play, mobile and on the desktop, even on the consoles. Nowadays, almost every game has a multiplayer feature which you can use to have fun with other people. Solitary games also exist, for those who are tired of others.


Listening to music or even playing music is a great way to enjoy your free time Buying an instrument can really set you up for entertaining afternoons and evenings and even mornings. Amateur bands are also great, as you can meet up with a couple of friends and play a ton of great music.

If you’re not keen on learning how to play an instrument, online video and music sharing services offer a lot to listen to, for free.

There are plenty more ways you can have fun and not exercise. If you just look around, you might find a long-forgotten thing you used to be doing, that needs finishing. It’s easy feel gratified with a couple of nice ideas.