Environmental Projects – How to Finance Cleaning up our Planet

Environmental projects cost money, and even though, every once in a while, you can get volunteers to help you clean up a park, you still have to feed them and offer them water if there is no running water nearby.

Other projects, on a larger scale, such as cleaning up a river or replanting a forest or moving towards environmentally friendlier ways of producing energy takes a lot more money. Getting this kind of money is difficult enough as it is, given how people are self-centered, especially those who have gained a lot of money, and projects and fundraisers do not go as well as they should. Where there is income, there is also profit. Here are some ways that environmental projects can get their funding.

Taxing Gambling or Increasing Tax Rates for Gambling

In countries where gambling is illegal, it should probably be legalized and taxed, even the online betting with Bet9ja Promotion Code, but moderately enough so that any profits could go to the country. A part of that profit, let’s say the part by which you increased the tax, should go to the benefit of the environment. Whether you put a higher tax rate on casinos or the various lottery games, the end result would be the same, a higher percentage of profit for the country.

This would be a rather effective way of getting more money for the environment and it would work even better with good marketing, like everything does.

Marketing – The Foundation of Any Successful Campaign

Whether you want to run for president or are organizing a local bicycle race, you should have good marketing. It generates following and following generates income, if not directly. A very well marketed charity event was the LIVE AID Music Festival in 1985, a dual venue festival, generated a lot of attention and income, all of which was sent to Ethiopia to deal with the famine of 1983-1985.

This event, containing many famous artists and bands of the time, was very well marketed, and any such campaign would have a success in this media-driven world.

Nowadays, making such a campaign is easier, especially with various sites which can help you reach your goal, funding or marketing-wise. Anything can raise you money if you have a couple of famous people nearby. They are atlso relatively willing to participate in such events as they get the good kind of media attention.

Attracting Investors – the Guardian Angels

Whether your investor is a single person or a company of people, the rules that applied ages ago still apply. Know your ground and be passionate about what you’re trying to achieve. Environmental projects benefit these people and their children, as well as putting a good guy sign on their business. Be coherent and cohesive and outline your project up front. Make sure to lean towards those investors that might stand to gain something from your partnership. Lawyer up before you make a contract.

There are plenty of ways of funding environmental projects, from tax money to marketing, all of which is still applicable as it has been 3 decades ago.

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