Is the Gambling Industry Literally Polluting the Environment?

Is gambling actually polluting the environment? The easy answer is no and the detailed one is still no, but it explains things better. Gambling by itself is an activity which sees people placing bets on various types of events, the outcomes of which they do not know, or are unpredictable. 

Aside from the online bookmaker and casino sites which allow you to get promo codes and bet online, land-based bookmakers and casinos are in question. Believe it or not, sometimes a large casino resort leaves a smaller carbon footprint than a smaller bookmaker would. More often than not, large casinos tend to take care of their surrounding much better than a small bookmaker would, largely due to their better budget.

Things Associated with Gambling

Usually, thanks to the movies of the 40s and 70s, people tend to imagine gamblers as being these rugged, poor men, wearing shabby clothes and going from den to den to waste their money and consume lots of alcohol, dropping cigarettes along the way. There is always an ashtray full of cigarettes in these types of movies.

Luckily, the approach to these movies changed over the years and we have seen a more gentlemanly, better-dressed side of gambling which includes James Bond, even (Casino Royale). After seeing a different picture or actually visiting a casino and resort, compared to local bookmakers, people tend to change their minds about the picture they have of casinos and gambling.

Even though some would like to show casinos in a much worse light than they actually are, they are still not as bad as your local farm or the thousands of cars that pass by you every day.

Smaller vs Larger Businesses

If you run into a smaller business which deals with gambling, you are more likely to run into some pollution such as taking out the trash in a very simplistic, throw it out the window,, kind of manner. In countries where littering is regulated and punished, people shy away from such activities and sort their garbage properly.

All large casinos and resorts have people who are specialized for taking out the trash, literally. Recycling plays a large deal in today’s altruistic world and even more so if you like to impact the environment better, saving energy for the future. Every casino and gambling-oriented business likes to have a clean sheet and a good reputation in the community.

Environmental Impact – The Good Kind

While not all casinos resort to donating money to local businesses, many have standing partnerships or stand to gain by helping their immediate environment. Many casinos donate money to certain causes, charity or otherwise, thus helping preserve their environment. Keeping the people happy and satisfied is a certain way of helping, especially if you can eliminate your own possible negative impact and encourage the positive one, if indirectly.

During natural disasters such as two unrelated events in Macau and Houston, Texas, the first suffering from a typhoon, the second from a hurricane, Wynn Resorts donated 3,75 million dollars to each of the two relief efforts, for a total of 7,5 million dollars. This money was used to help those affected by the disasters and Wynn volunteers helped clean up in Cotai and the Macau peninsula.

Gambling can sometimes help the environment, despite its often bad reputation with the community.

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