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VR is Taking Over the World – Cycling is Slowly Joining the Trend

Virtual Reality is an up and coming way to express artistic sides of people and to create new ways of enjoying our modern technology. It offers a better, more immersive experience of gaming where you can enjoy things in a more realistic way.

Various devices which help you use and enjoy virtual reality include the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. These are mostly used on PCs. There are more devices that are used on mobile phones like the Samsung Gear VR or the Sony PlayStation VR, for the PlayStation console.

These devices pretty much give you the VR experience, and are driven by the hardware you have, your mobile phone or your PC’s specifications, mostly the graphics card. More and more online gaming brands are using VR to enhance their appeal, most notably online casinos. If you’re not really sure about this, just take a look at just some of the things an online casino with VR can offer.

VR is still in its inception so the textures are relatively poor compared to the triple-A titles which are not meant for virtual reality. Yet, it is taking off and there are plenty of games which you can enjoy.

VR Games – The Many You can Enjoy

There are a plethora of VR games that you can play. The very simple and easy implementations of VR were done by online casinos. SlotsMillion has a great VR casino where you can enter, faced with a bar, turn right and find a lot of slot machines. This is a great way to spend your time if you feel like playing alone and not actually going to the local casino.

There is a VR casino game on Steam called Social Club VR: Casino Nights. You can play blackjack, poker, roulette, and move freely around the room. You can play against the AI or against a player from around the world. If you do not feel like gambling, you can enjoy their Shooting Gallery and play alone or challenge friends to beat your score.

A couple of other, interesting games are Beat Saber. If you have watcher Tron and Star Wars, yet you have had fun as a child in Dance Dance Revolution, then this game is the right one for you. Jam to music, chop up blocks, enjoy a game available on multiple platforms.

The Climb is an awesome game developed by Crytek. This game is as taxing as Crysis was in its inception, but is well worth it. Beautiful scenery and effortless climbing make a very good case for VR.

If you loved the original Arkham series. Shortly after Arkham Knight, comes Arkham Knight VR, a very fun game that features everyone’s favorite dark knight.

Skyrim VR is another title which needs little introduction. It also includes all the downloadable content.

Cycling games are rare, very rare. VR games are even rarer, yet there are some projects like CycleVR, which uses Google Street View to provide you with VR data for your living room bicycle. You can grab a headset and travel the world without actually moving.

Once the technology and games get a bit better, VR cycling will take off, just as VR did.

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